BLIND TURN   (2012)   "Directed by"
     Robert Orr/director
     Rachel Boston/star

     A young woman is forced to confront her dark secrets when she is
     kidnapped and held prisoner by a man from her past out for

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THE RESIDENT   (2011)    “Screenplay By”
     Hammer Films
     Antti Jokinen/director
     Hilary Swank/star

     A beautiful doctor moves into a new apartment only to learn the
     building's landlord harbors terrifying secrets.

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UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS   (2009)    “Story by”
     Lakeshore/Screen Gems  

     The origin story (and 3rd film) in the popular vampire vs. werewolves

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     Lakeshore/Screen Gems
     Len Wiseman/director
     Kate Beckinsale/star

     production rewrite on location in Vancouver

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     Sony Pictures
     Antoine Fuqua/director
     Bruce Willis/star

     A Navy Seal commander leads his team into the jungles of Nigeria
     to rescue a doctor who will only go if they agree to rescue 70
     refugees as well.

     production rewrite on location in Honolulu

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SAVIOR   (1998)    “Written By”
     Lions Gate

     Produced by Oliver Stone. Dennis Quaid stars in a powerful drama
     about an emotionally broken mercenary who finds an unexpected
     opportunity to regain his humanity while fighting a war he doesn’t
     believe in.

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