Silence of the Lambs with a supernatural twist

On the night of his execution a condemned killer, who claims to be possessed, asks the prison chaplain to help him keep the demon trapped inside his body so that he can take it back to hell upon his death rather than letting it escape and possess someone else. To do this, the chaplain must race to find the inmate's cult followers before midnight, when they plan to perform a satanic ritual that will kill an innocent victim and then bring that victim's body back to life as a new host for the demon.


sizzle/tone reel:


Traffic meets Training Day

Decorated detective Blake Mason (Rodrigo Santoro attached) must fight to save his family and career when a ruthless drug smuggler, once Blake's childhood friend, reappears after 10 years and threatens to expose the detective's dangerous secret unless he agrees to become a mole in the police department.



Book of Eli meets 28 Days Later

A young woman has 3 days to cross a dangerous post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with raging zombies and human predators in order to save her younger brother by finding a cure for the growing infection that will turn him into one of the ravenous monsters.

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